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Jouw baan gaat verdwijnen en dit is de oplossing (NL only)

Artificial Intelligence, basisinkomen en de wereld zonder werk

We staan aan de vooravond van de grootste technologische revolutie in de geschiedenis van de mensheid. Automatisering, Artificial Intelligence en big data staan op het punt om hele beroepsgroepen uit te roeien, en niemand heeft het erover of lijkt er iets aan te doen.

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"In this powerful book, Andrew Yang highlights the urgent need to rewrite America's social contract. In a call to arms that comes from both head and heart, Yang has made an important contribution to the debate about where America is headed and what we need to do about it."

Alec Ross

Author of The Industries of the Future

"Andrew Yang is one of those rare visionaries who puts dreams into action. The War on Normal People is both a clear-eyed look at the depths of our social and economic problems and an innovative roadmap toward a better future."

Arianna Huffington

Founder and CEO of Thrive Global

"Andrew Yang writes with passion and conviction, offering astute analysis--as well as a hopeful solution--for the looming challenge that may well define the coming decades: How can we ensure broad-based prosperity in a future where labor-displacing technology becomes vastly more powerful?"

Martin Ford

Author of Rise of the Robots

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