Brave New Human — How will our world look like after Corona?

Brave New World Conference challenged scientists, artists, writers and philosophers from all over the world to answer a provocative question crucial to our current time — Will the COVID-19 pandemic change us, society or even the world? We bundled their visionary answers, ideas, strategies and arguments in BRAVE NEW HUMAN, to give you an insight in a possible future post-Corona world.

With contributions from scientists, writers, artists and journalists:

Marietje Schaake, Roanne van Voorst, Nolen Gertz, João Pedro de Magalhães, Malka Older, Gideon Shimshon, David Dye, Elsa Sotiriadis, Ivo de Nooijer, Femke Nijboer, Kristian Esser, Etienne Augé, Vera Vrijmoeth, Falko Lavitt, Wouter de Waart, Tim Reutemann, Jorrit Kelder, Robert Overweg, Jeroen van Loon, Robert Zwijnenberg, Rudy van Belkom, Frank-Jan van Lunteren, Jelle van der Ster, Yossi Mekelberg, Mashya Boon, Sander Pleij and Rachel Armstrong.

Free eBook for all

Brave New Human is a non-profit publication by Brave New World Conference and Bot Publishers. All our authors and editors have charitable worked on this project. Our intentions with this publication is to bring Brave New World to your doorstep and inspire you with the thoughts and ideas of our authors. That is why we offer you the eBook free of charge. Because we love books and we wanted to be able to give you something tangible in these ‘online times’, we also choose to print the book on real paper. For the paper version we need to ask a small fee, to cover the production and distribution costs.

Brave New Human will be published in the beginning of June and can be purchased/downloaded here.

These essays deserve to be read. Please do and find your own reflections on the invisible:

Will you become a Brave New Human?