Wibe Wagemans & Eva Schram – The Secret of Silicon Valley

This book is also available in Dutch. You can find it here.

Silicon Valley is much more than the home of the world’s most powerful companies. It is a vibrant place where the constant drive for innovation determines everything, thinking big is the norm and startups grow into billion-dollar empires. What is going on here? And what can you learn from the Valley’s entrepreneurs?

Serial entrepreneur Wibe Wagemans and tech journalist Eva Schram have lived and worked in the epicenter of innovation for years. Together they unravel a mysterious world with its own laws and customs. With inspiring examples and practical tips, they explain how the Valley beats all competition and how you can do that, too.

The Secret of Silicon Valley is a book for entrepreneurs, managers, creatives, and dreamers. A book for adventurers looking for an experienced guide. A book for people who want to move forward.

The e-book is available in Dutch (Het geheim van Silicon Valley) and in English (The Secret of Silicon Valley).

Wibe Wagemans is a pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and CEO in the Valley. He was the first in the world to build an AI bot and an online video game on mobile. His work at Angry Birds, Big Fish, Huuuge, and others earned him the Cannes Golden Lion award, the world record of No. 1 hits in the App Store, and several exits. Wibe ran a $1 billion business at Nokia and was an expatriate and student in six countries.

Eva Schram is a Dutch journalist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works as a U.S. correspondent for Het Financieele Dagblad and Flemish Knack.be, among others. Her focus is on big tech companies and diversity in Silicon Valley. Eva was previously editor-in-chief of Sargasso and an investigative journalist at OneWorld.

“In Europe you tank diesel, in the Valley rocket fuel. Should be on any booklist!”
– Walter A. de Brouwer, CEO doc.ai, Stanford Professor

“The perfect guide to innovation and growth. Not just for startups, but for every entrepreneur.”
– Gerard van den Broek, director De Ondernemer

“Reads like an adventure book with rare insights not found in any self-development or management book.”
– Fauzia Mahomed Radja, reviewer managementboek.nl